Permission/Guidance on sharing code publicly


I found it a struggle to get a zoom bot written when I first started out even after following the available zoom tutorials. I wanted to do the simple task of joining a meeting and locally recording participant audio. I tried searching for tutorials on it but didn’t find much. I eventually produced what I needed after a few days of reading through the SDK examples and experimenting.

I was hoping to produce a blog post and a git repo with some code to make it easier for others to get started; however, I don’t want to violate TOS.

Am I able to share the code that I wrote which interacts with the SDK? I obviously wouldn’t include any SDK header files or library; just the steps on how to add them. What are the rules I need to follow?

Hi @hunter1
Thanks for reaching out to us!
You can share your repo or blog post with the community if you want to as long as you are the author of it and you document it properly.
And you can share it in our Showcase category here:

Brilliant! Thank you!

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@hunter1 make sure to tag me so I can share it with other colleagues :slight_smile:

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Certainly! I’ll be sure to tag you and share it once I have finalized it.

@hunter1 , totally understand that it was difficult to capture and process the raw data from Zoom - audio and video are especially tricky to work with.

It might be worth checking out that has a hosted solution of this so it’s just a simple API call instead of you needing to spin up Windows containers at scale.

I was asking about the rules for publicly releasing my tutorial and my code for how to do this, wasn’t asking for help on it thanks though!

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