Zoom Meeting SDK Recording Permission Working for Windows 11 but not Windows 10

Meeting SDK: Windows version:

My desktop application software joins Zoom meetings as a bot. When it does so it requests permission to record the audio in the Zoom call. On Windows 11 devices this works properly, the host is notified and can grant permission and the desktop application is able to work properly. When using a Windows 10 device, the host is never notified.

Windows 10 users of our software are unable to have permission granted to record as the host is never notified.

Troubleshooting and Reproducing The Error:
A small sample program that illustrates this issue can be provided upon request.

@benSTS I’ll try to reproduce this. Do you have a sample code on how you are calling invoking the record permission?

Hello Chun Siong,

Thank you so much for responding to my ticket.

What is the best method for sending you a sample code?

I have a sample code from my dev team. This code on Windows 11 will be able to join into a Zoom call and will request permission from the host to record. However, on Windows 10 it will join the Zoom call, but will never request permission.

Thank you again for looking into this, if there is anything I can assist with, please let me know.

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Hello @chunsiong.zoom

Thank you again for responding to my ticket, I apologize for not tagging you in my earlier reply.

What would be the best way to send you a sample code, I have a .zip folder from my development team that I would like to submit to you for review.

Thanks again and have a great day,