Phone API Call Handling times not in UTC

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or an intentional design choice, but I’ve observed that the API, despite formatting holiday_hours “to” and “from” times as MM-dd-yyyyTHH:mm:ssZ, are not in UTC, but in the selected time zone for the phone extension in question. This is despite the fact that the “Z” in the time stamp is supposed to indicate the time is UTC. While my application is working now, this caused me some confusion while I was troubleshooting, and I wanted to post to help other developers, and see if there are plans to adjust this.

Stephen Speck

Hi @sspeck
Thanks for reaching out to us and sharing this information!
We appreciate your feedback

Could you please share with me what endpoint you are calling when noticing this issue so I can do some testing on my end and try to investigate this?

This applies to more than one endpoint, it seems, but this example is from POST /phone/extension/{extensionId}/call_handling/settings/{settingType}