Unable to import zoom api as collection


i am unable to import the api into postman with collections.
I get an error of “Unable to generate collection for Zoom Meeting API API.”

Any ideas?

Hi @desmond.lim ,

How are you importing it?

You can download the OpenAPI spec here and then drag that file into the import file area of Postman.

This should work, I just tried :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help. That worked for me!

Glad you were able to successfully import the Postman collection, @andreas_beck22!

Seem to have the same issue. I am trying to import the Zoom Api OpenApi 3.

I have tried importing from file and copy and paste.


Import partially complete

Unable to generate collection for Zoom Meeting API API.

1 API was imported.


Managed to import via https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zoom/api/master/openapi.v2.json

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