'phone.callee_answered' webhook not firing when answering on phone app

We have set up webhooks for phone.callee_answered events. From these webhooks we generate tickets in a ticketing system. We noticed it does not give us a webhook event if one of our users answers via the Zoom iOS app (iPhone). However, answering via their desktop app or their VOIP phone creates a webhook event.

No error, just no webhook answering via the Zoom iOS app

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hi, @ben6,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Is this scenario just happening for one user or more?


Good question. We only tested it for one user. We called him and he answered on the 3 different devices. We consistently got the behavior described in the original post. So we don’t specifically know it happens for all users on iphones, but just that it consistently doesn’t work for him on an iphone. I don’t know if anyone else in the company has an iphone we can test it with.

Hi, @ben6,
Thank you for providing that information. Would you be able to send an email to developersupport@zoom.us with a link to this thread? I’ll troubleshoot this there.

In that email, please include the jSON response body and the requests you are using when you see the described behavior.


Hey @ben6 ,

Can you confirm you were responding to the Webhook requests with a 200 OK and have met the prerequisites mentioned here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/webhook-reference/phone-events/callee-answered#prerequisites


Hey @tommy
Yes, we meet those prereqs and yes we respond with 200 OK when we get a request. But in this case we don’t even get a request to respond to. When this user answers via the computer app or his actual voip phone, we get a webhook request from you and respond with 200 OK. But when he answers via his iphone, it doesn’t send us a webhook request. I’ll test it again next chance I get just to be sure nothing has changed since the day I posted this issue, but we did test it multiple times with different devices at the time.

Well… I just tried again just now and it worked as expected. We got a webhook and everything. No idea what was different the day I posted the issue, but today it works. I suppose my problem is resolved. If the issue comes up again, though, I’ll of course let you know.

I’m glad to hear that everything seems to be working now! Please do reach out if you encounter any further issues or questions.


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