Not getting Callee Answered webhook

We have been using webhooks for Zoom Phone for quite some time and made no changes on our end for months. A couple days ago we stopped receiving events when a callee answers the phone. Does this event get sent to us if the callee has calls forwarded to their cell phone? That was the only thing that changed recently for our tech support guy.

It actually looks like we had this problem in the past ['phone.callee_answered' webhook not firing when answering on phone app] and it just self-corrected eventually. But it’s been a few days now and the issue persists for us today.

We can confirm it’s only happening when the call is answered on a cell phone that the call is forwarded to

Hi @ben6

Thanks for reaching out!
Can you please confirm that you are still experiencing this issue?
In the meantime I will test this behavior on my end and try to do some research!

Sorry, I forgot to get back to this. Yes, it happens when the call is answered on a phone it was forwarded to such as a cell phone.

Hey @ben6 do not worry ! I see now… I will continue troubleshooting this on my end

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