Phone recording callee/caller_number

As I understand fields callee/caller_number may contain

  • “usual” phone number(like +4085552222)
  • extension
  • extension with “site” code(when one of participants is from other site)
    What are formats of these values(how to distinguish what is what)?

Which Endpoint/s?


It looks like the callee_number and calleer_number field is of type string. And the scheme shows the following acceptable format example:

I considered this example. 408 is a code of California so probably this example is for “usual phone number”.
I would like to double check: does “usual phone number” value really contains no leading ‘+’.?
If yes: how to distinguish it from “extension”(second case from my question)?


No, the phone number value can contain a leading ‘+’. For instance, if the caller is a non-zoom user, the leading “+” plus will be included in the API response. I can see how this can be a bit confusing, so I’ve submitted an internal ticket to our documents team to update the description to mention the difference between the extension number and e164 numbers [DEV-2408]. If you would like to directly provide your user story to be taken into account, I recommend submitting it to: Feedback - Zoom


Also, I should note that the caller_number_type property is another indicator that can distinguish if the phone number contains an “extension” as well. If the value is 1, then it is most likely an extension. While if the value returned is 2, it is an external number, so the phone number is likely a “usual phone number.”

Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 8.03.21 PM


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