Missing Callee details int he endpoint GET /phone/metrics/call_logs/{call_id}

Zoom Phone API
GET /phone/metrics/call_logs/{call_id}
API Doc reference: Zoom Phone API

As per the recent observations, at few occasions, one of the nodes in the response of the above mentioned endpoint, is empty. Mostly we observed that “callee” information is missing. e.g:

“call_id”: “7343151662434416671”,
“duration”: 69,
“direction”: “outbound”,
“date_time”: “2024-03-06T07:38:49Z”,
“mos”: “3.6”,
“caller”: {
“id”: “9h5PGcIrRfqp7VJMrBqYlQ”,
“extension_type”: “user”,
“display_name”: “Paul Rudd”,
“phone_number”: “+12398994348”,
“extension_number”: “899”,
“codec”: “opus”,
“microphone”: “Headset Microphone (Poly BT700)”,
“headset”: “Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio)”,
“isp”: “Amazon”,
“device_type”: “Windows_Client”,
“site_id”: “HtQDN6b1Qcar7QnowF0ikQ”
“callee”: {}

In this case, the callee and caller both are internal Zoom Phone licensed users and each of them are assigned Mobile Phone numbers. Can you help us understand why this might be happening ? Is this an issue or a known behavior ?

How To Reproduce
Not Applicable. We are observing this as an intermittent behavior and haven’t seen any pattern yet.
Observation: We also observed this mostly when the call went to voicemail.

Hi @martin.sommer , the behavior may be associate with the following changes: Understand Zoom Phone call history

@gianina.rasvansoltz So you mean that these sunset related changes can also affect the dashboard metrics endpoint in question:
GET /phone/metrics/call_logs/{call_id}

Hi @martin.sommer ,

I believe it may, but I am waiting for confirmation.

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Hi @martin.sommer , it appears this is being deprecated and you should refer to the link I shared earlier to help with getting this info.