Picture in Picture with react native ios

Currently I am using the latest version of iOS SDK for react native. After following the instructions to activate the picture in picture feature, the sound and mic could run in the background. But the video is black in the PiP mode, I can see the minimized window in PiP mode but no video. only displays black.

        [zoomSettings enableVideoCallPictureInPicture:YES];
        [zoomSettings setMeetingChatHidden:YES];
        [zoomSettings disableDriveMode:YES];
        [zoomSettings disableShowVideoPreviewWhenJoinMeeting:disableShowVideoPreviewWhenJoinMeeting];
        [zoomSettings disableMinimizeMeeting:disableMinimizeMeeting];
        [zoomSettings disableClearWebKitCache:disableClearWebKitCache];

- (BOOL)onCheckIfMeetingVoIPCallRunning{
    return [providerDelegate isInCall];