Pinned chats in Zoom

Please create this feature! Pin to the top of chat!

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Ditto. This is one of the main features that professors ask for. Getting tired of telling them it is not available.

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Agreed. We’d like to do this with the link to detailed closed captioning/transcript instructions as well as our website, where they can download presentation slides.

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This should be a basic feature. Almost every online meeting software has this feature. It’s not only necessary for latecomers but also saves the trouble of sifting through hundreds of messages when meeting with large groups and there’s a lot of activity in the chat. Please make this happen dev’s


Such a basic thing for school use… PIN the Nearpod link in the chat window and every student sees it as soon as they enter the Zoom session.

As it stands, 80% of the chat posts are either asking for or providing the Nearpod link.

Yes I’d like to bump this…very important feature.

In my case, I’d like to pin a link in my Zoom webinar for things like:

  • worksheet / resource
  • link to product sales page
  • etc.

Please enable pinning messages in a zoom meeting chat! We really want to be able to pin messages containing a file or a link so that people coming later to the meeting can see them.

Does anyone have a workaround for this that they use? Like, can you post a clickable link in the video feed or something?

@MattS As far as I know, the only workaround is repeatedly posting the same message over and over again, like every five minutes or fifteen minutes.

Just want to say this would be a very useful feature in my meetings.

Thank you for posting this request - it would be very very very very very helpful.

BUMP this UP!!

Yes, please add this feature. It would be very helpful. Thanks!

I concur, if anything would save alot of time on reposting