Pinned chats in Zoom

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When new folks enter a conference call, they cannot see the chat that came before. As a result, important information shared by chat needs to be sent repeatedly.

Describe the solution you’d like

I’d like to see something like the ability to “pin” one chat message (or more than one, but at least one), so that whenever people dial in to the Zoom meeting, they see that message.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

We generally just post the message over and over and over and over and over and over again (to quote Weird Al).

Additional context

Probably no additional context is needed?


We want this too! For our church’s online Sunday worship, we send an announcement via chat with a web link to the Sunday bulletin. We want people arriving early to get this link so they can start reading the bulletin. We also want people arriving at the last moment to get it. So we have to post it multiple times to the chat. Those who join early see it again and again. It would be so much better if we could pin the post, then everyone sees it whenever they join.


Yes! Please. This would be useful.

Yes absolutely! This would be a great feature!

Yes please! I wonder if pinning a message might also need to pop-out and/or resize the chat window (at least on desktop clients), in order to make sure the pinned message and new messages coming in afterwards wouldn’t block one another?

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Okay for real zoom we need this. Having to send a sign in link 1000 times is getting old


Hi Zoom community! I believe our wish has been granted by the zoom developers!

Chat features

  • Pin chat messages - Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
    Users can pin a message in a channel, which is displayed at the top of the channel. Pins can be removed, replaced, or hidden. A log of pinned messages is accessible in the channel options panel.

I don’t believe this update addresses the OP issue. This seems to only affect the IM application part of Zoom (“channel”) and not meetings.


Agreed - What I want is the ability to pin an in-meeting chat. For instance, it would be great to pin the chat that has the meeting agenda link so we don’t have to re-post it for every person as they join the meeting.

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PLEASE!!! This is the most glaring deficiency in Zoom, and causes me to use Discord in situations where I would otherwise use Zoom!

I don’t see how to pin a chat. Someone please walk me through it.

@stayoffmylogin, it is not yet possible to pin a chat in Zoom. We’re hoping that the developers of Zoom will add this feature at some point.

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yes please, this will definitely solve the puzzle

Yes, everybody will love that.


I hope that is soon. Thank you for your fast response.

Please please please implement pinned chats in zoom meetings. What a PITA it is to have to post the same thing over and over and over and over and over.

YES!! Please create a pin for chat. It’s such a necessity!

Bumping up this thread. Please create a pin for chat! Thanks!

Please please please make this possible!! I spend the first 20 minutes of most meetings pasting the same link over and over again every minute or two.

PLEASE. As a teacher, this is super important: If I want my class to discuss a question, I can’t write it on a board anymore (since I don’t want to be sharing a screen all class long), and if someone’s late, they’re not going to see the question without me re-posting it.