Placing the Meeting UI

I am passing in the top left of the app I am opening Zoom from.
I get the main window and get it’s location and pass that into the
like so
let uiPosResult = meetingConfig.MeetingConfig_SetMeetingUIPos({
hParent: mainHWND,
left: mainPosition[0].toString(),
top: mainPosition[1].toString()
I do this before opening the window.
It does move the window but not to where I expect?
Seems like there might be logic so none of the meeting UI is out of view.
Is that true?

If you work on MacOS, using the lower left corner of the computer screen as the origin of coordinates.
The param ‘hParent’ is just for win platform.

Ok, so take out hParent.

Are you saying the 0,0 is the bottom left corner of the first screen? What if I want it on a different monitor?

It is a bit confusing because don’t most apps use the top left as 0,0?

Also if I put a portion of the UI offscreen is there any special behavior there?

1.Because of using the default attributes, you can view the link
2.Sorry,Electron sdk not support show on different monitor.

Hey there - I’m jumping in on this thread to ask if it’s possible to not display the entire meeting window in the Electron SDK – for instance if one was already in a Zoom meeting, but wanted to join the meeting through a seperate app as well. I thought that removing the YUV window would do it but it somehow still gets the whole canvas and meeting pop up. Thanks!

Hi Rossi,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, what you are describing is not possible with our Electron SDK at the moment. I will forward this as a feature request to the engineering and we will investigate the possibility of supporting this in the future.