Please Add Linux-Aarch64 support!

You need to add a client for Arm64 processors on linux. 90% of Arm SBCs & servers use linux. Linux Aarch64 (= Arm64) distributions are available from: Raspberry Pi (Debian); Red Hat; Ubuntu; Suse; Slackware Arm; Slarm64 (Another Slackware64 port); Arch, and probably others.

For you, it’s simple: Recompile your x86_64 linux code under Aarch64. I currently have your linux-x86_64 code running under Aarch64 using the box64 program, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Currently I have the program running, but the sound is low and the quality is poor, because I have to set volumes above 100%
One of box64’s most popular applications is zoom. I can’t understand you guys not getting this out.

Many computer users use an Single Board Computer (SBC) as a second machine because of the low price