Please define all necessary steps to create a new private app


The assistant to create a new app in the marketplace seems to be a linear process that has to end with a submission of an app. That’s what I thought.

Can you tell how to create an app that is only useful for a limited group of people - like employees in my company? A step by step guide would help me. If this already exists, please guide me to it.

Thank you!


Hello @Bernd_Gewehr that’s a great question and one which we get asked frequently by developers.

There are five (5) stages in the Zoom App Development Life Cycle:

  1. Created - Incompletely defined in Zoom App Marketplace, no development has began (DEVELOPMENT)
  2. Draft - Completely defined in Zoom App Marketplace, and development has began against your Zoom Account (DEVELOPMENT)
  3. Active - Development is done, generate the “Publishable URL”, can be shared for others to install (PRODUCTION)
  4. In Review - Preparing to be launched for ALL Zoom Customers on the Marketplace (PRODUCTION)
  5. Published - Approved by Zoom and published LIVE to the Zoom App Marketplace (PRODUCTION)

The “Active” stage described above is the “Private” state of an app which you’re seeking.
By generating the “Publishable URL” you are activating your app’s PRODUCTION API Keys/Redirect URIs. People whom you share this URL with will be able to start installing and using your app.
You, as a developer, are able to do this using the DEVELOPMENT API Keys/Redirect URIs, but the app cannot be shared with anyone outside your organization. This is because Zoom App Marketplace apps DO NOT have a “sandbox” account. When you are developing, you are working against your live Zoom Account, it is just a matter of whom is able to install your app and which environment you are using.

I have indicated which environments and API Keys are used in each stage above in parenthesis at the end of each description.

Does this help answer your question?


Perfect, thank you, @bdeanindy!

You may want to express this in the create app assistant by adding stop-points in the linear flow, like

You can stop here if this app shall only be used on invitation by sharing a link.

Maybe other users understand these steps better than I did, but I guess that would clarify the possibilities.



I have surfaced this usability improvement with our engineering team for them to evaluate and resolve.

Your input and feedback are most welcomed in helping us build the future of Zoom App Marketplace for developers!