Please Guide me how to fetch attendees question and answers after meeting creation

i have looked into mutliple APIs available in zoom api documentation and i am unable to find any solution for my issue

i have started using Zoom Schedular Feature recently and trying to fetch information which is filled by the attendee during form submission.

i have successfully added and tested webhook api reference. and i am able to receive “meeting.created” event on my webhook url after verification

but i am unable to fetch or find any API which would help me in fetching information regarding to the attendee answers filled in the Zoom Scheduler event

i am getting following information

        "event": "meeting.created",
        "payload": {
            "account_id": "acc_id",
            "operator": "",
            "operator_id": "ABC",
            "object": {
                "uuid": "4m78IbjXQ1KkYA4aGIwIYQ==",
                "id": 81284880445,
                "host_id": "XYZ",
                "topic": "Check-In Call (Test) (AttendeeFirstName AttendeeLastName)",
                "type": 2,
                "start_time": "2024-02-02T17:20:00Z",
                "duration": 20,
                "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
                "join_url": "",
                "password": "447197",
                "settings": {
                    "use_pmi": false,
                    "alternative_hosts": ""
        "event_ts": 1706265302496

please guide me from which restapi call i could fetch filled question and answers ! thanks

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It seems that Zoom’s current API documentation may not provide specific endpoints for fetching attendee answers submitted during form submission for Zoom Scheduler events. I recommend checking with Zoom’s support or community forums for any updates or additional information on this specific feature. Alternatively, you may inquire directly with Zoom’s developer support to see if there are any undocumented or upcoming features that address your requirements.