Please help me to speed up the security review of applications

I have a zoom app project named MAXHUB Meeting Android App for Zoom. After several months of efforts, we submitted it for review on September 19, passed the functional test around September 23, and now it is in the stage of security review. But it has been almost a week without any progress, please help me speed up the progress of security review, thank you very much! @elisa.zoom @kwaku.nyante

Hello @tiannan Security reviews cannot be sped up, we need to maintain security standards throughout the Zoom Marketplace, please allow the security team to complete the process, if you possibly want a speed up please look into one of these plans that give you a Zoom resource that can help push this along

Premier + plan gives you the option you have a Technical Account Manager that can help request prioritization with the review process.

Regards, Kwaku

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