Please tell me the meaning of "Session Capacity 300" of Video SDK

Please tell me the meaning of “Session Capacity 300” of Video SDK.

Does this mean that one account has 300 participants at the same time, or does one session have 300 participants at the same time?

If this is a session limit, will the number of simultaneous participants increase by the number of sessions?
For example, if I have 6 sessions of 100 people, can I host 600 people at the same time?

Hi @Jiro, thanks for using the dev forum.

This limit is imposed on a per-session basis, meaning one single session instance can have up to 300 attendees. This is not applied globally to all sessions, so you could absolutely have 6 different sessions with 100 attendees each.

I am not aware of any limits on how many total users you can have across all sessions.


Hi jon,

Thanks for your reply.

I got it.


Happy to help!

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Hi @jon.lieblich,

Just wondering if there are any plans to expand this? For example, we’re creating our own webinar/events platform and we would ideally want more than 300 visitors able to watch a stream. These visitors would be able to see a streamed video, but wouldn’t be publishing their own.

Presenter (Shared Screen and Published Video) => Many Attendees Subscribing to the Video Stream


Hi @alexmayo,

Great question! We are actually discussing/investigating removing this limitation of the Video SDK internally. The timeline on this is a little iffy, so I will let you know as soon as we have any updates on this.


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