Whiteboard and Polls in webSDK

I have started meeting with host in Web SDK, but sharing options like Whiteboard is not visible to Web Sdk (join meeting from web sdk), it is showing blank screen white green border only, shared attachment with this issue.

Which version?
Web SDK 1.9.9

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Schedule meeting.
  2. Start meeting with Web SDK with host role.
  3. Share Document, Photo, Whiteboard with web SDK was not display

Result → Whiteboard also Polls items not visible to web SKD users.
Expected result → Whiteboard also Polls items should visible to web SDK users.!


Please write a clear description what is the issue you’re facing. Also, include any screenshot of the error you’re facing.


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Topic has just been updated. Thanks bro.


Could you help me, plz ? This feature is very important for us. Thanks all.

Hey @Khaled-Saleh , @wjncm9x ,

Whiteboard receive should work in Web Meeting SDK. I tested in the latest version, 2.0.1 and it worked. :slight_smile:

Can you try with version 2.0.1 and if it does not work, please share any errors in the browser console?


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Hi @tommy . I have update to version 2.0.1 and more stable. having react motion. but whiteboard and polls still not display.
Many thanks.

Updated to 2.0.1. Poll appeared . very cool. but Whiteboard still is not display AND sharing screen not display more.

Hey @wjncm9x,

Thanks for getting back to us! It looks like there might be some customizations with the screenshot that was provided, is that accurate?

If so, I would first try testing with the Sample Web App to see if that yields different results.


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