Poll Report API response does not have the same data as the downloadable report

Why are they different?

Hi @TT-Josh ,

Can you please share an example? The exact endpoint + request made (with sensitive info obscured) and screenshots would be helpful.


API Endpoint: Retrieve meeting polls report

The API response is missing the Duration and Topic.

Thanks for providing @TT-Josh! This is expected behavior, but I can provide feedback to our API developers that it would be valuable to include all the same fields you would receive from the downloadable report without having to query another API like GET meeting detail reports.


I must have been mistaken as to what was being returned.

The Poll feature has a start and end time for the poll - I can only assume that is not captured in the reports.

Hi @TT-Josh , the get meeting poll reports returns start time, but not topic and duration as you pointed out. Were you looking for meeting duration and meeting topic? Or poll?

Im all good now - I had a misunderstanding of what the Poll features included.

Okay thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: