Polling requires all questions be answered before particpant can submit answer issue

When polling in a meeting with more than one question all the questions have to be answered before a participant can submit the answers to the poll. This is a issue because some questions are not applicable to some participants and there is no way for them not to have to answer those questions.

Example: I have a meeting with a group of participants, I create a poll with two questions, the first questions is for participants older than 65 to answer, and the second question is for participants under 65 to answer. I can create the poll such that the questions are asked simultaneously with one poll. However the participants have to answer both questions before they can submit their answer. Is there a way to allow the participants to submit their answer without having to answer all of the questions of the poll?

Example below:

Poll 1 -

Question 1. Participants who our over 65 only please vote - Do you like Pizza?

Answer 1. Yes
Answer 2. No

Question 2. Participants who are under 65 please vote - Do you like pizza?

Answer 1. Yes
Answer 2. No

The participants who are over 65 would answer only question 1, and participants who are under 65 would answer only question 2. However it doesn’t work because Zoom Polling requires that all questions in a poll be answered before the participant can submit an answer to the poll.

I am requesting an enhancement to the polling that gives an option for each question that allows the polling to making an answer optional, so the participant can choose not to answer a question in the poll and still submit his answers for the questions that they did answer.


I noticed this also. My short term fix is to create two separate polls, but that is not the best solution.