Polling supported in Web SDK?

Does the current Web SDK version (1.7.0) support polling questions being displayed to users? It doesn’t look like it from my tests, but just wanted to confirm. Thanks!

Hey @penar.musaraj,

As of now no, but we are working on adding all the Zoom Client features to the Web SDK.


Any update on the timeline for adding polling to the Web SDK?

Hey @bmilburn, no update or timeline yet.


Hi @tommy ,

I integrate web sdk to my asp.net core web app.
everything is good but small video box not shown every user?

but i download sample web sdk app.And run cdn project this video box show there.
What can i do?

Hey @osman_dmr, what browser are you using?

See our browser support here.


Google Chrome güncel durumda


i use this chrome version but not working talking participants video
But i run sample app working.

Hey @osman_dmr,

Please move this question to a new topic as this is unrelated to Polling support.