Polls with non-login API Users

Hi All,
We have an Educational license of over 1000 pro users.
Most of our users are non-login API users created with the custCreate option and assocciated with a fake e-mail.
We want to allow these users to use polling, but have been unable to find a working method for this, as creating or editing polls requires the user to properly log-in to the website with a user name and password, an ability which these users do not have.
Our CSM suggested we try to set an alternative host for the meeting who is a regular pro user, but I’ve tested it and it doesn’t seem to work either.
Has anyone successfully used polling with API users?
Any suggestions for a work-around?
Tom Kless.

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Hey @tomkl,

You can use the Create Poll APIs to create polls with custCreate API users :slight_smile:


@tommy , I find even with logged in users - ones created in my zoom account, with proper credentials - if the API created the meeting, polls and whiteboards do not work. I am having the logged in users launch the meeting with the proper launch URL.

Not having access to polls and the whiteboard is very frustrating to my team. Do I really need to programmatically create Polls? That seems like a lot of unneeded work on my side. And how do I get the whiteboard on? It is definitely on in my account. Looks like some authentication bugs on your side?

Hey @quinn,

Polls can be created either programmatically or via the Zoom interface. If you’re having trouble creating a poll in the Zoom app, I recommend reaching out to support.zoom.us, as they’re best suited to troubleshoot any errors you’re seeing in the Zoom client and advise on whiteboard settings. If you’re having any trouble with the API, however, just let us know!


The Zoom interface doesn’t work to create polls if the API created the meeting. Permissions issue. I can show you the bug, pretty sure it’s in your platform. I can work around programmatically creating polls but more work for me.


Hey @quinn,

If you could share an example or steps to reproduce, I’m happy to take a closer look! So far, I haven’t been able to reproduce on my end.


I face the same issue of not able to edit poll when webinar is created with ‘custCreate’ users.

This is how you can reproduce this:

  1. Sign out from Zoom in all browser instances.
  2. Create a ‘custCreate’ user using API.
  3. Create a webinar using API for the above created user.
  4. Use the ‘start_url’ field of above webinar to launch the Zoom webinar as host.

Now, once you are in the Zoom app, clicking on Edit takes you to an error page with this message:
Unable to display this page
Zoom is temporarily unable to display this page.

Hey @sudhamshu.n,

Since the user is an API user, are you able to update the Webinar Poll via the Update a Webinar Poll API?


@tommy My some users are also facing the same issue. Details Below:

I would like to take your attention to the difficulty I am facing to take up polls during the session.

Many times zoom prompts me to sign in to take up polls and I don’t have the right credentials available to do so.

This is observed when I am the host of the meeting as well. Please try to address this technical glitch.

Hey @VijayDwivedi,

Thank you for reaching out. First, I want to confirm that you are using the API when creating these polls. Is that correct? If this isn’t related to an issue with updating/creating polls using the API I kindly ask that you reach out to our technical support team. They’ll be able to best assist you with your issue.

If this is related to the API, please share the details of the request that you’re making as well as the error you’re encountering.