Possibility to Integrate Zoom Calendar and Contacts with CalDav and CardDav

There is a growing interest on privacy, and while integrating the new Zoom Calendar and Contacts with Google or Office365 might be appealing for many users, the truth of the matter is that more people is moving towards some kind of privacy friendly setup where my calendar is mine and my contacts are mine and nowone else’s. The recent ransomware or hacking attack on very big infrastructure providers such as Rackspace for example, where all hosted exchange servers were hijacked has moved users like me to take measures to avoid getting yourself locked out of your contacts and calendar.

In my case, I am a heavy user of SYNOLOGY’s NAS devices which add a ton of features to the regular uses of a simple fileserver. In my case I am running my own active directory service, my own calendar server (CALDAV) and my own contacts server (CARDAV).

So my request is simple: Zoom should have integrations on the Calendar and Contacts app to be able to read caldav calendars and cardav contacts. This will put Zoom in the route to have its mail service substitute big names into an integrated package.

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This is interesting. Zoom is not growing anymore. So, the response is to target connectivity to the calendars of the duopoly, who have their own video conferencing solution hoping users are going to ignore the bundled solution? Those who use Caldav/Cardav probably do not have any allegiance?