Zimbra calendar integration


Is it possible to provide assistance on how to configure API integration with Zoom rooms and Zimbra calendaring?

Hi: At one point in the past, we tried to connect Zoom Rooms with Zimbra, using the Zoom Rooms Exchange configuration. We were hoping it would work, because it looks like Zimbra uses a proprietary version of the Exchange protocol. But it didn’t work; we were unable to sync accounts. We did not investigate further. Integration with Zimbra is not supported at this time.

If you need Zimbra integration with Zoom Rooms, submit a support ticket: the product team may be able to investigate more and find a work-around:

Thanks for the response, appreciate your comments.

We are facing the same issue. Zimbra offers both EWS support compatible to e.g. MS Outlook for Mac or CalDAV. Zoom Calendar Integration with the EWS works in the setup, but the Scheduling Display for a room does not show any calendar entries. There is not a lot missing & we would be willing to debug to find a solution.

Hey @rholighaus,

No updates on this other than Scott’s comment.

Feel free to submit a feature request here: #feature-requests