Zoom Rooms with Office 365

Hello guys,

first of all if this is posted in wrong category I’m really sorry for that.
I have a question related to Calendar integrations with Zoom in Office 365.

We have multiple account’s in Zoom, which are configured as rooms in Office 365.
We would like to schedule meetings without addition to log in everytime to different accounts.

So is there any option how to synchronize calendar and schedule meeting directly from Outlook / Outlook on the web through resources calendar to Zoom without addition above?


User John Smith has shared calendar with resource called: Meeting Room and Meeting Room 2
He added Meeting Rooms calendars to his calendars and he would like to schedule a meeting from there.

He clicks on Schedule a meeting from a resource calendar, sets neccessary details and send the appointment.
Zoom will automatically create a meeting which will result in inserting meeting link into description of the created event.

This event will be shown in both Office 365 calendar and Zoom Meetings calendar.

Example 2:

User John S. create event in his calendar and invites Meeting Room or and Meeting Room 2 ( resources )
Since Meeting Rooms have set automatic processing it will accept / decline based on time window and if accepted create and insert meeting link and sync across O365 and Zoom calendars automatically.

Is something like this possible? If yes, where can I find documentation to this please? Since after 3 hours of googling I didnt find anything for things mentioned above.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Hi @zoom47,

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This forum is generally only for questions about the Zoom Developer SDK, and the Zoom API. For questions about calendar integrations, I recommend contacting Zoom Support.