Possible aar released on Maven or JCenter

Is it possible to publish the two aar to Maven or JCenter instead of having developers download it? It would make the set up process simpler in my opinion.

Which version?
Latest and beyond

Additional context
I am trying to create a Flutter plugin and am having trouble referencing the aar projects like the sample, due to weird package structure of Flutter plugins. I am able to reference the aar using implementation (name: “mobilertc”, ext: “aar”), implementation (name: “commonlib”, ext: “aar”), but this doesn’t work for classes like ZoomSDKinitializer because mobilertc can not see commonlib the way I did it. There may be some trick to this, but I feel it would be simpler just to reference a library in a central repository. Thanks.

Hi tuantvu,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK and thanks for the post. Based on my research results, both Maven and JCenter requires the uploaded project/library to be open source, and follow the open source license. It is unfortunate that our SDK cannot be open source.

We will continue investigating the possibility of simplifying the SDK download and usage process. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know. Your feedback is valuable to us.


Hi, if you interested in getting zoom into flutter I did a small POC and welcome contributions to make this a real plugin if it gets there.

Thanks @kevinbayes! :slight_smile:

Nice. I couldn’t get the Gradle to resolve the libraries in a plugin for the life of me due to how differently it is set up compared to a full Android app. So I ended up just plopping it into my Flutter main project and that worked just like Zoom’s set up docs.

Great to hear @tuantvu! :slight_smile: