Ensure all dependencies are on mavenCentral


We’ve been using the Android Zoom SDK v5.10.1.5184 for our native Android app, and yesterday when JCenter went down, we decided to change out jcenter() for mavenCentral().

One of the dependencies used in the Zoom SDK in :mobilertc's build.gradle dependencies.add("default","com.google.android:flexbox:2.0.1") does not exist on mavenCentral.

I see there was a previous suggestion to update this to 3.0.0: The libraries dependency to JCenter in mobilertc build.gradle - #4 by jon.lieblich. Would there be any problems updating this to 3.0.0? Or make sure whatever version of flexbox the SDK uses is on mavenCentral?


Hi @davidl1, thanks for using our SDK.

I am not aware of any plans to update this dependency to a version hosted on Maven Central. That being said, JCenter is still planned to stay alive indefinitely as a read-only repository. We cannot guarantee that it won’t have any outages as we do not own JCenter, but it should still be possible to download this artifact from that repository under normal circumstances.


OP, you can just use the flexbox 3.0.0. It’s just a different package but essentially the same library. See here for details:

Hi @haseeb-gsu,

Since this dependency is used by the Zoom Meeting SDK, I would not recommend using a different version. The SDK is built and tested with the version used in the sample app, so we cannot make any guarantees that the SDK will work correctly if you integrate mismatched versions in your project.


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