`require_meeting_owner_role` Error when calling `getBreakoutRoomList()`

Hi Zoom Apps team,

We are currently experiencing an increase in Errors (code: 80003) with the getBreakoutRoomList() method.

Error: No Permission for this API. [code: 80003, reason: require_meeting_owner_role]

It doesn’t seem to occur for us consistently; we call the API and sometimes it works, but other times it fails with this error.

This seems very unusual, and we haven’t experienced it before. The Meeting Owner role is definitely mine (I tested it numerous times in my own Personal Meeting) and the Meeting Owner obviously does not change (it can’t)

Screenshot from the console:

How To Reproduce
Call the getBreakoutRoomList() API as the Meeting Owner.
Sometimes it will succeed, other times it will fail with the above error.

Hi @om7, thanks for reporting - we’re looking into this now

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Appreciate the reply @michael.zoom ,

Sorry to sound the alarm… after some further investigation it looks like this only occurs on getBreakoutRoomList() when the host is moving rooms (during or soon after calling changeBreakoutRoom)

Not as high impact as we initially thought. The output looks to be correct some time after the host has moved


Thanks for keeping us posted on this. It sounds like for now the workaround is to add a delay before making the API call. I’ll keep you posted on any info from our engineering team.