Possible security bug on Zoom Video SDK and React Native

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I’m integrating the Zoom Video SDK with a react native mobile app. However, my mobile app is crashing occasionally. BUT the camera on an Android device, still seems to send video to the zoom session (using the web ui version of the Video SDK)

There is no clear stack trace except for this error that appears on the mobile app at the time of it crashing

Which React Native Video SDK version?
Version 1.9.5

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Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Samsung Galaxy S7
  • OS: Android 8

Hi @DanPiccolo ,

Thank you for sharing this. I will have the team look into this further and reach back out when I have an update.

Thank you,

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Hi @DanPiccolo ,

To make sure we can best investigate this issue, are you able to reproduce this on the react native sample app? If so, can you provide the steps to reproduce?


Sorry, no, this was with our own app, not the sample app.

I was using something a 3rd party wrote for our project, (which I was trying to tweak as they had diverged a bit from the sample app) and it was an issue with null/undefined values for sharing status in the React Native zoom component, it seems, and it would join the session, start transmitting, but then close the app, and the video would still stream to the web client I was using to complete create the session in the first place.

This is the error the app gave me (see below) and my thought is, a person could willingly cause this error in order to exploit this issue.


Hi @DanPiccolo ,

Thanks for your response. Could you attempt to test on the sample application and see if the issue still occurs? In this instance, it would require to manually crash/end the application to test and see if video is still being sent. Please let me know if you are able to reproduce on the sample app or need any guidance in testing.


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