zoom.joinSession returning null

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Recently updated to zoom video SDK version to 1.7.5 on react-native
Able to fully update the SDK but zoom.joinSession() is returning null and doesn’t emit to the app that the session has been started
where as on the other side the session starts and camera from the mobile side starts

doesn’t emits

Which React Native Video SDK version?
Version no 1.7.5 upgraded from 1.5.3

Video SDK Code Snippets

 const session = await zoom.joinSession({
        sessionName: sessionName,
        sessionPassword:  sessionKey,
        token: signature,
        userName: userName,
        audioOptions: {
          connect: true,
          mute: true
        videoOptions: {
          localVideoOn: true
        sessionIdleTimeoutMins: 20

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Join session

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • iPhone and Android
  • Android 13 and iOS 16.4
  • RN version 0.71.6

Additional context
on the above code snippet, the log of session is null

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