Possible to Audit API Calls?

I’m in a tightly regulated industry and it looks to me–admittedly I haven’t yet spent much time with the API–like it’s possible for the API to be misused in the sense that one might be able to retrieve information that needs to be kept secret for a variety of reasons (e.g. meeting recordings, attached documents). Is it possible to retrieve a log of the API calls a user has made? I don’t want to curb our ability to develop solutions, but I would like a way to demonstrate due diligence.

Hi @jgoodleaf,

Yes it is possible to retrieve call logs. When you log in to marketplace, click the Manage button, then on the left click Call Logs. From there you should see the API Call Logs for that account/user.

Let us know if that helps.


Thanks @michael_p.zoom. Is it possible to retrieve that for a longer span of time, or via API call? I’d prefer to save the information automatically, and ideally without breaking out BeautifulSoup (I hear good things about scrapy).

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