Post returning 404

We were using Post api for past two years in out project and it was working fine, but since yesterday 23/october/2023 Wednesday we are 404 error on this api.
I am also unable to see this api in zoom api document.
Can anyone from zoom team confirm if this API is deprecated or there is some change in api calling method.

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Hi @zawar.ahmed the endpoint still exists but it is a PATCH request:

Hi @gianni.zoom, is this api recently deprecated? because we are using this for quite some time and it has started failing recently.

Hi @zawar.ahmed , meaning you were using it as a POST request before successfully? I am not sure and I don’t see a history of that on the changelog:

I checked the history of the API schema on Postman as well and I’ve only ever seen it as a PATCH request: Postman

If you previously used POST, it may have been unexpected behavior.

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