POST/PATCH endpoints seem to be not working

I am able to call GET endpoints in the API. But calls to POST/PATCH (eg: PATCH /users/{userId}) seems to be returning 404s now. 

My setup: One master account with 3 users.

NB: Have already contacted your chat support (who could reproduce it but was not able to figure it out). The server response in your API playground for such requests reads ‘TypeError: Failed to fetch’. 

I’m assuming you are getting this error in the playground… a fix for this is in progress.


Have you tried using a REST tool like Postman, or within your code?

@Joshua Yes, I did try calling POSTs and PATCHEs from my code. The server responds with a ‘404 Not Found’.

404 indicates resource not found, do you have some logs or code you can share?

@Joshua I tried playing around with it a bit more and things seem to be working now! Must have been some silly miss from my side. Thanks for the prompt response :slight_smile: