Post-Webinar Survey for MEETINGS

Hi Dev Team,

I’ve been exploring ways to create a pop-up webpage when a meeting concludes. Reason being is for a post-meeting survey through Microsoft Forms.

There is a feature built out already for webinars, but not for meetings, with the “+ Use a 3rd party survey” feature in the webinar’s settings. This works great but the option is not available for meetings.

Is there any way to do this with meetings?

What I’ve tried so far is this-

  • Using the post-attendee URL. This works but relies on the participant to leave their launch page open for 5 minutes. We want this to be immediate, identical to the functionality of the webinar survey function.
  • Exploring the Zoom marketplace for an app that has this set up. I haven’t found anything viable, but it you guys know of anything, please lmk.
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