Power Automate connector to Zoom API

Looking for tips/URLs on setting up an Power Automate connector to Zoom API please? I am bumping into:

  • HTTP connector has a dependency on a pfx cert - from my reading this is not something Zoom provides
  • OpenAPI and Postman customer connector uploads have 1meg limits (Zoom API is 2.4meg)

Cheers, Keith

Hey @keith.burchfield,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I’ll be happy to leave this post up for our community’s insights as well, though you’re correct that Zoom APIs do not provide a .pfx cert file out of the box.


Thanks Will - are there any other optins for PowerAutomate connectors please?

Hey @keith.burchfield,

I’m not aware of another method to consume the API using the PowerAutomate connectors. Have you had a chance to reach out to their support with this issue to see if they are able to offer an alternative route or a way to avoid the .pfx certificate?


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