Pre-arranged breakout rooms in meeting SDK

I’ve created a meeting through the API with breakout rooms successfully. I can see in the web portal the meeting with the pre arranged rooms.

The problem is that when I start the meeting as a host using the meeting sdk I don’t see the pre arranged rooms in the breakout room panel.

Any ideas? Thank you

Hi @aps2 ,

I’m assuming you’re using the client view version of MSDK. Can you confirm having turned on breakout room support?

Here’s the reference: Zoom Meeting SDK for Web - 2.11.0

I’ll also move this to our Meeting SDK section of the forum.


Hi @gianni.zoom,

I’m using the component view version of MSDK. I can create breakout rooms from the panel in the component view so it should be turned on, not sure if there’s a different setting - but my problem is that I don’t se the pre-assigned rooms, I see them in the web portal.

Thank you,

Hi @aps2 ,

Thank you for your patience while I’ve been supported developers in some of our other areas. Is this still an issue for you? Can you please share the version of MSDK you’re on and whether breakout room support is being reflected programmatically based on the reference I shared?

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