Breakout Room button is not available when start/joining webinar using meetingSDK client view

We are using Zoom meetingSDK (version 3.8.0) to start a webinar using Client view mode.
We would like to allow creation and managing breakout rooms in a webinar.
We have a webinar license and enabled breakout room for webinar for the account that has this license.
We are able to start a webinar via API (using ZoomMtg.init and then ZoomMtg.join calls) however in the client view Breakout Room button is missing. When we start the same webinar via the Zoom portal, the Breakout Room button is there.

Could you tell is it something that should work and if so, what options need to be set?


Code fragment is

ZoomMtg.init({debug: true, leaveUrl: leaveUrl, });
    sdkKey: sdkKey,
    signature: signature, // role in SDK signature needs to be 1
    meetingNumber: meetingId,
    passWord: pwd,
    userName: userName,
    userEmail: email,
    zak: zakToken, // the host's ZAK token
    success: (data) => {
      console.log("Joined", data);
    error: (error) => {

Hi @alex.fridman
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum!
I just wanted to check in with you to see if you are still facing this issue?
Have you tried running our Sample app?


Thank you for pointing me to the sample app, unforunately, sample application doesn’t cover this specific case. We want to start webinar via mueetingSDK with breakout room already configured and be able to invite other participants into the room using API. Yes, we still experiencing this problem