Prevent Audio Feedback if multiple people in same physical room

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Some meeting rooms in offices do not have Zoom video conferencing hardware. When this is the case everyone in the physical room joins via their own laptops. This causes audio feedback as microphones pick up audio from other laptops.

The workaround right now is either a) everyone wears headsets or b) everyone mutes mics and speakers apart from one person in the room.

These both have major drawbacks.

Describe the solution you’d like
Zoom detects which users are in the same room (using perhaps wifi network address, bluetooth or inaudible frequency fingerprinting?)

For those users that are in the same room the audio their speakers play is a “clean feed” i.e. only users who aren’t in the same room as the user can be heard.

Some sort of optimisation is done between the microphones of the laptops (dynamic muting?) to prevent echoes/provide good audio for whoever is speaking closest to a mic.

Additional context
This must be a problem for so so many people! I know that Zoom rooms are obviously the solution long term but not every company or individual can afford them and sometime you need to use breakout spaces, living rooms etc. that cannot practically have zoom rooms