Suppressed audio problem for group meetings

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I have used Zoom meetings for various group sizes. I get constantly frustrated when Zoom’s build-in audio feature gives the stage to one speaker and suppressed audio for all other participants.

This is a problem for three reasons:

  1. When the audio of other participants is not muted and accidentally makes a loud sound that Zoom can pick up, the audio suppress feature cuts off the audio of the main speaker(one who was talking). Listeners would lose the content of the main speaker because of this cut-off.
  2. When in a group conversation, the suppressed audio feature creates a delay in back and forth talk. This makes it difficult to have a brainstorming type of conversation where there are frequent back and forth and simultaneous conversations (where two speakers would speak together at the same time). This delay made me feel like I was texting, not conversing in real-time. Also, extremely difficult to have a continuous group conversation with more than 2 people in the meeting.
  3. Whenever I want to reply to the speaker, I needed to wait for a few seconds talking filler words until Zoom picks up my audio, or my first few words will be lost. So, I needed to constantly watch out for suppressed audio problems for communication since we would lose audio at the beginning and end when each person takes the stage.

Describe the solution you’d like
I think simply turning off the suppressed audio feature for all meetings would be most useful. If background noise is the problem, there is a mute function that the host can control. So, I don’t see why audio needs to be suppressed as the only option.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I have considered using an alternate app for simultaneous group conversation (such as Discord or RemoteMeeting). Still, Zoom is the preferred virtual meeting media for most people, and I cannot always be the host. So, I would love it if Zoom can change this feature. In fact, Zoom is perfect in almost all other aspects except this feature.

Please consider changing the suppressed audio feature. This would make all my client meetings and classroom conversations more real-time and interactive. Thank you.

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I have the same issue (#3 above). It’s hard to break into conversations already, given the system delays. By the time I sense that the last person has finished and start to speak, I’m jumping on top of someone else who has already started up. When I start to speak into a silence, everyone complains that I was silenced until about the third word. Then they suggest that I make a practice of adding a couple of nonsense words at the beginning!