Preventing meeting participants from inputting a name upon entering a meeting

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I am currently utilizing the Zoom API server to generate unique meeting URL invite links that our users can utilize to join meetings (The specific API: POST /meetings/{meetingId}/invite_links). This is necessary for our use case as it prevents users from inputting personalized nicknames, which complicates our abilities to track attendance. While we are able to generate the unique links, the desired outcome seems to be conditional on the manner in which our users access the meetings. Users can join in the following ways.

If a user opens the link via the Zoom app on their laptop, they are not prompted to ‘Please enter your name’ and are recorded under the name we have for them in our database (and the input variable in the data section of the code). This is what we want. On the other hand, when the user opens the link on a laptop via browser it prompts them to ‘Please enter your name’. which confounds our attempts to track their attendance if the name they enter differs from that stored in our database.

Conversely, when a user opens the link on their phone, if they are asked how they would like to open the link (this does not necessarily happen for every user) and they select ‘browser’ (e.g. Chrome), then they are not prompted to enter a name and are correctly recorded under the name we have for them in our database (again, this is also the data input variable in the code). However if they choose to open the link via the Zoom app on their phone then for some reason they are prompted to input their name.

Is there a way to ensure that regardless of how our users join, they are unable to input their own name upon entering the meeting? Alternatively, is there another possible workaround for this issue? Perhaps there is an additional code chunk which could be incorporated to solve this? (Please see the code below). Lastly, we have disabled the option ‘Allow participants to rename themselves’ under Settings>In Meeting (Basic).

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
POST /meetings/{meetingId}/invite_links

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