Bypassing name entry with the join_url


I am trying to generate a join_url from our application that does not require the user to insert their name again. I read up on previous posts such as Bypassing entering name step when joining a meeting but not sure if it fits our use case.

Since we have the name of our users, we want them to skip that adding name step. I’ve tried the add registratant API but the join_url it returns still seems to ask for the name of the user.

What options do I have to bypass this step?

Edwin M. Mak

Hey @edwinthinks,

If you are wanting to use the Zoom Web Client for the meetings, then you can use the following join url and prefill the users name via a query param instead of the name input page:{{meetindID}}/join?prefer=1&un=RWR3aW4=

“Edwin” = RWR3aW4=

Make sure to base64 Encode the un value (which can be done programmatically in the coding language you use.

Let me know if that works for your use case! :slight_smile:

If you are wanting to have the registered user join through the installed Zoom App, then the join_url will open it and their name will be automatically included.

Although, if I click the link “join from your browser” then I will have to enter my name. The “join from your browser link” can be turned off however!

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Hello tommy,

Thanks for the reply! I think the solution provided doesn’t match my use case 100%. Let me see if that is the case through clarification.

I don’t think we can make our users go directly to the Web Client because currently it seems like audio does not work for Safari and Firefox whom of which are a large portion of our users. Is this accurate?

Could we prevent sending the email when adding a registrant via the API? If so, I think we want to avoid sending emails.


Hey @edwinthinks,

Correct, our Web SDK and Zoom Web Client have limited browser support outside Chrome.

Joining the meeting via the join_url that registrants get will populate their names in the Zoom Native Client/App.

To prevent sending emails to registrants, you can update your meeting and pass in false for "registrants_confirmation_email".

  "settings": {
    "registrants_confirmation_email": true