Private Chat app for an organisation

We are looking to migrate over from Teams but one sticking point is a chat bot we have set up to record information.
I have been tasked to build a replacement here but i am struggling to find what the best method to build it would be.
The users use the chat to say what equipment has been installed and this sends a post to our server, there’s a few other features but thats the important part. We like this as an option because if there’s internet issues or something wrong we have the chat log as a redundancy feature.

Is this possible through Zoom? Preferably without making a public facing app?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer

Hey There Jay,

So … unfortunately not at the moment - there isn’t an option for that but great information to bubble up via feedback tab this way it can alert the executives which then trickles down to the developers.

I do urge you to do a deep dive of sorts because I’m pretty sure Cisco may have what you’re seeking … specifically via webex.

Have an awesome day

To migrate from Teams and create a chatbot in Zoom to record information, you can leverage Zoom’s Chatbot framework. By utilizing Zoom’s APIs, you can develop a custom chatbot that allows users to input equipment installation details, which are then sent to your server.

This solution ensures a redundancy feature with the chat log, without the need for a public-facing app. For detailed instructions, please refer to Zoom’s Chatbot documentation. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.