Pro-plan: licenses


I would like to utilize the Meeting SDK to integrate a Zoom Meeting function into my existing web browser.

Currently, I am subscribed to the Pro plan, and on the information page, it states that one can have up to 9 licenses.
(Plans & Pricing for Zoom One | Zoom)

Does this imply that I can have up to 9 Zoom meetings running simultaneously on my webpage? Or is it possible to create and run more meetings than that?
Or what kind of subscription would i need for around 100 meetings running simuntanously?

Thank you for your time.

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@kontakt ,

Pro Account allow you to purchase up to 9 paid license.
If you purchase 10 paid license, you can have up to 10 concurrent Zoom Meeting running at the same time.

If you have 100 meetings, you will need 100 paid license.
Alternatively if you are running a custom solution on top of Meeting SDK, I would encourage you to contact ISV Team for an ISV plan .