Use Zoom Meeting SDK to host multiple meetings that many ppl can join

I have a general question regarding being able to host multiple meetings using the Zoom Meeting SDK. We are creating an application that is a marketplace, in which users will be able to broadcast live “events”. Since we are in the process of building our own livestream platform, we were exploring on using Zoom as a way for users to be able to broadcast events online. It is my understanding that, using Meeting SDK, I can initiate a meeting via API from the application. My question is, since we will have multiple users creating events, is it possible to host multiple meetings simultaneously? If so, what is the limit, and how can that limit be increased(if it is low). Also, if we can host multiple meetings, how do we calculate how many participants can join? If it is not possible to host multiple meetings, do you have any suggestions to be able to achieve that?

Thanks in advance!

@rmjuarez12 ,

Each meeting is hosted by a user. You can have many users hosting a meeting in an account.
For free users, you can host up to 40 mins, and up to 100 participants.
The pro and other paid users will have high limits