Problem notarizing ZoomAudioDevice.kext

Hi, I’m recently having issues notarizing my Electron app that uses the Zoom SDK. I’m receiving this error “The binary is not signed with a valid Developer ID certificate.” referring to Contents/Plugins/ZoomAudioDevice.kext/Contents/MacOS/ZoomAudioDevice

I see that the kext is unsigned and I saw that for kexts Apple requires them to be signed by a special kext enabled certificate. In order to obtain this certificate Apple had some questions about the kext that I could not answer. Is there any way for me to be able to notarize the ZoomAudioDevice.kext ?

Additional context
Error Log from Apple notarization:
“logFormatVersion”: 1,
“jobId”: “a1c56da1-26db-4aaf-9ffc-9d23745f6cfb”,
“status”: “Invalid”,
“statusSummary”: “Archive contains critical validation errors”,
“statusCode”: 4000,
“uploadDate”: “2020-03-20T22:00:30Z”,
“sha256”: “12ed6519e14229eed56586ac16d219b705831b6cb01b4fbe84ee44669fe1f3af”,
“ticketContents”: null,
“issues”: [
“severity”: “error”,
“code”: null,
“message”: “The binary is not signed with a valid Developer ID certificate.”,
“docUrl”: null,
“architecture”: “x86_64”

Hi thanh.thai,

Thanks for the post. The ZoomAudioDevice requires the certificate from us. We are going to have a release recently so we will have the ZoomAudioDevice signed in the next release. Pardon the inconvenience caused by this.