Problem with authentication in sample iOS app


I am not able to authenticate in the sample iOS app. But the same app and secret keys are working fine in sample android app. I am getting following error.

“SDK authentication failed, error code:2”

Please help.



The meaning of error code: 2 is SDK key/secret is wrong, the error is definite. Please make sure that you input the correct SDK key and secret in your project. Or you can send the key and secret to us (, and we can help you verify in our side.




Hi Robust,

Its a mistake from my side. There was a typo error in the key. The issue is fixed now. Thanks.



I am also facing the above issue.
Below are the deatils
authService?.clientKey = “key”
authService?.clientSecret = “secret”
authService?.jwtToken = “jwt”
I am facing the error code 2 issue.
Kindly help here.

Hi @beherasusanta3590,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. You do not need to use SDK key/secret and JWT token at the same time. Could you provide the payload of how you generate your JWT token?

Note: This forum is publicly available, please regenerate your SDK secret on Marketplace as soon as possible.