Problem with customizing waiting room

Hi Zoom!

We had 2 problems with customizing the waiting room!

First problem: when a user enters the waiting room for about 0.5 second zoom waiting room ui appears then our custom waiting room ui come and cover it! (We didn’t us custom SDK and just use custom waiting room ui)

Problem number 2 : in our custom waiting room when we rorate the phone the custom waiting room will gone and again zoom waiting room comes in!

I hope you could help us to fix these problems. These problems are very important to our app.


Hi @Gsagas.mb, thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you are running into these issues when implementing a custom waiting UI in your app. I completely understand that this can provide an undesirable user experience.

Can you please let me know which version of the SDK you are using and the make/model of the Android device(s) this behavior was observed on?


Hi @jon.lieblich

Thanks for helping us!

We use zoom sdk version and this happens on android devices from android 5 6 to 11 in all phones!

These 2 problems are very very bad for our team please help us!

Thank you so much!

Hi @Gsagas.mb,

Have have not been able to reproduce the behavior you are describing on the same version of the SDK. Can you please provide some context around how you are implementing the custom waiting UI feature?


Hi @jon.lieblich,

We use this
but the problem is that this method is like a cover and when we use it first zoom UI came and then our custom shows! We didn’t use custom UI and want to have the default zoom UI but with customizing the waiting room. We want a code or method that didn’t show zoom UI in the waiting room and just shows our ones!

If you would like to help us I’ll be thankful to you!

Hi @jon.lieblich,

Please help :pleading_face:

Hi @Gsagas.mb,

Can you please provide additional information showing how this has been implemented in your app? Or alternatively, are you able to reproduce this in the SDK sample app after enabling this setting?


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