Problems for retrieve data with endpoints

I’m retrieving some data from the ZOOM API tables, but with some endpoints I’m having problems with the time limit, because I need to do an “assembly” of the endpoint for users, or specific (detailed) meetings, for example: for me to search : v2 / users / {id} / schedulers, I need to run through the entire list of / user, to get 1 id at a time to fill the endpoint … and this is making my load recovery process in addition to slow, in many tools, I can’t do it because the time limit is over … I would like to know if you have an endpoint or some other way to recover data, for example … an endpoint or other way to recover all / schedelures, all / assistants …

Hello @rodrigo.ribeiro-ext, To make sure I understand you correctly, you are hitting the rate limit for following endpoints:

Here are our rate limits so you can make you are not exceeding them.

Rate Limites:

Let me know if this helps.


I’m not reaching the limit, my problem is another … it’s in the process of extracting the raw data … because I have to extract each one individually, for example: in order to extract all users / assistants, I need to scroll through a user list to be able to put / {id} in each of the endpoints. So if I have 500,000 users, I will have to make 500,000 requests to the endpoint: user / {id} / assistants. And this is very slow … taking several days to recover this data I would like to know then, if there is any other way to recover this data or another endpoint?

Hello @rodrigo.ribeiro-ext,

We understand your pain points, this is unfortunately by design of the API. The API is designed to access individual data not for account wide information. We currently do not support batch requests for information on individual user like assistants and schedulers. One alternative would be to listen for the changes of data using web hooks rather than making API requests from each tool. We will bring your request to our API product manager to support a batch request for bulk data in the future.

Let me know if this helps.

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