Problems with new Server to Server OAUTH

I have created a new server to server OAUTH app ( id fMOMlZAYQdSXhWlJICXlmQ) to replace my JWT app as per the guidelines that JWT apps will be deprecated in June 2023. I am experiencing two problems:

  1. The app does not appear on my dashboard, instead it gives me the option to create a new one every time.

However I can access the app by going directly to the link App Marketplace and the app works in production

  1. Every few days, the app seems to forget it has been activated and requires me to revalidate manually my two webhook urls. During this time I lose the ability to receive webhooks. I validate the urls again and again, and once I do, the app shows as activated. But the validation never sticks more than a day or two for some reason and the app keeps getting deactivated.

Can you have a look please?

Hi, @a.diament,

Thank you for calling attention to the behavior you are seeing. That certainly does not sound like intended behavior. I checked internally and on the forum and I did not find similar reports. This leads me to believe that this matter may be account related. Have you submitted a support ticket for this topic already? If not, can you submit a ticket so we can take a closer look at what may be going on? You can submit a ticket to support here: Sign In - Zoom

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or comments about this.

Here’s the ticket thanks I chose web because API wasn’t an option