Processing audio data from live meeting when calling in as a participant

Hi All,

I have a general question.
I need to process audio data during live meeting. Now, I understand that currently there are two options for doing that in a live manner:

  1. Configuring custom live streaming during the meeting and then the data will be streamed to our servers using RTMP protocol
  2. In this post @kevin1 mentions that they capture audio stream by calling in as a participant.

My question is, if our service calls in as a participant, how can we decode the stream to get the audio? Which protocol is this? How can we get the audio data from this stream programmaticaly?


Hi @valeria ,

Thank you for sharing about this. You’ve essentially touched upon the Zoom supported option in your first point, and as for others, they are developer-created alternatives that you are welcome to explore for your needs. Please note that Zoom does not provide official support for these other options though, so it’s something to keep in mind with respect to troubleshooting. Here’s the link to a thread that could be helpful.

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